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Nuclide chart download

Nuclide chart download

Mouse: to move the chart drag. Use the wheel to zoom • Numeric keypad: zoom with 3 and 7. Use 8, 6, 2, 4, 9, 1 to move and 5 to reset. ▽. ◁. ▷. Ground State - Isomers [x]. Levels [x]. Gammas [x]. Decay Radiation [x]. Nuclear Moments [x]. Ther. Neutrons Capture [x]. Fission Yields [x]. Schema plot [x]. Data update. ENSDF. A table of nuclides or chart of nuclides is a two-dimensional graph in which one axis represents the number of neutrons and the other represents the number of protons in an . by half-life) via a single, contiguous chart that requires both vertical and horizontal scrolling to view all its contents ( kB total HTML download). Isotopes are nuclides with the same number of protons but differing numbers of neutrons; that is, they have the same atomic number and are therefore the same chemical element. Isotopes neighbor each other vertically, e.g., carbon, carbon, carbon or.

3 Aug Download the Flyer, see video. New: Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online. New machine developments and improvements at major nuclear centres worldwide are the main source of discovery of new elements, isotopes and new experimental results. This very active area of research provides a continuous. Full-text (PDF) | The Chart Of Nuclides was developed taking into account the data obtained in Unlike widespread nuclide charts the present Chart of Nuclides contains evaluated values of the main characteristics such as mass excess, nuclide percent abundance, thermal neutron captur. Try loading the Chart of Nuclides and playing with the slider to see how half-lives compare across all nuclides known to science! Carbon is stable nuclide. Carbon-9 can decay into Lithium The Periodic Table shows all known elements. The darker the color the more isotopes the element has. All 41 isotopes.

Decay Q-value Range. Q(??) Q 0. Q)-SN>0. Q 0 + Q(EC)>0. Stable to Beta Decay. Q(EC)>0. Q(EC)-SP>0. Q(P)>0. Naturally Abundant. Page 2. Z= Part 2 of 2. Na 1+. ms β-,IT. Al 1+. ms. IT,ECα, Al 0+. s. EC. Cl 3+. m. EC,IT. Cl ms. IT. K 0+. ms. EC. Sc Provided by the Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the app gives properties of more than 4 nuclides and isomers. A Chart of Nuclides, with zooming and tapping enabled, and a Periodic Table of Elements are included to allow easy selection and navigation. Filter criteria on half-life, decay. This table lists the mass and percent natural abundance for the stable nuclides. The mass of the longest lived isotope is given for elements without a stable nuclide. Nuclides marked with an asterisk (*) in the abundance column indicate that it is not present in nature or that a meaningful natural abundance cannot be given.


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