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Wow client download speed

Wow client download speed

have been trying to download the client onto a new hard drive, i don't have dvd's to install from at the moment. it's insanely slow kb a second is the max. i've downloaded the client maybe 4 times and 3 of those 4 it absolutely crawled like this. peer to peer on or off, same deal. my internet UPLOAD caps. However I'm trying to download it now, it's around 40gb and the max download speed I can get is kbps. As you can View Post. If you are with Virgin Media in the UK, be aware that the Blizzard Downloader is a pper to peer (bittorrent) client, and Virgin Media throttle the hell out of peer to peer traffic. client is literally showing web pages to you so it loads a page every time you click a tab. It's not that Wow that fixed so much. Ive had If you're experiencing slow download speeds within the app, its related to a different problem, and following these instructions won't help resolve it.

I recently got a new mac running OS X Yosemite so I installed WoW. The first time it installed perfectly well but then whilst trying to patch I was getting incredibly slow download speeds. After trying a number of things suggested in the blizz technical support, as well as by others online, I uninstalled. Got a new computer and when trying to download wow it goes really slow. It's saying im at MB/s but it isn't downloading at that speed. Can. 11 Aug up vote 1 down vote. I've have sometimes had this problem before where the download just stops or is just crawling. My best solution is to restart the client. Otherwise try looking at Blizzards troubleshooting forums en/forum//.

My internet connection download is at Mbps the download and 90 Mbps the Upload. Meanwhile, League client is saying that my internet can only download Kbps of Download speed which is % illogic. So, this is not our connection but their server's. I believe there is thousands of people. 22 Sep I just purchased GW2 with POF and HOT together this morning, downloaded the client and started the game download. My download speed fluctuates from kb to 0kb/sec. Over the past hour, WoW is a much larger game and only took a couple hours so there has gotta be something wrong with this. 0.


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