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Upload download definition

Upload download definition

While downloading is receiving a file from another computer, uploading is the exact opposite. It is sending a file from your computer to another system. Pretty straight forward. It is possible to upload and download at the same time, but it may cause slower transfer speeds, especially if you have a low bandwidth connection. 18 Sep Download can be used as either a verb or a noun. As a verb, it refers to the process of receiving data over the Internet. Downloading is the opposite of uploading, or sending data to another system over the Internet. As a noun, download may refer to either a file that is retrieved from the Internet or the process. When you send or receive an attached file with an e-mail note, this is just an attachment, not a download or an upload. However, in practice, many people use "upload" to mean "send" and "download" to mean receive. The term is used loosely in practice and if someone says to you "Download (or upload) such--and- such a.

Remote uploading is used by some online file hosting services. It is also used when the local computer has a slow connection to the remote systems, but they have a fast connection between them. Without remote uploading functionality, the data would have to first be downloaded to the local host and then uploaded to the . Uploading means data is being sent from your computer to the Internet. Examples of uploading include sending email, posting photos on a social media site and using y. 14 Mar You've heard the terms uploading and downloading a million times, but do you really know what they mean? definition of upload. John Lamb/Getty Images. In the context of the Web, to upload something means to send data from an individual user's computer to another computer, network, Web site.

Define Uploading and downloading. Uploading and downloading synonyms, Uploading and downloading pronunciation, Uploading and downloading translation, English dictionary definition of Uploading and downloading. v. down· load·ed, down·load·ing, down·loads v. tr. To transfer from a central computer or website to. Ready Your Enterprise for the API Revolution. APIs are changing more than just software architectures. From planning through implementation and beyond, an API-driven business model brings a host of new challenges and opportunities to organizations. Download this eBook to learn how to get the most benefit from these. Download and upload (downstream and upstream) speeds may be the same or very different. Sending and receiving files between computers over a local network transmit at roughly the same speed. However, transmission speeds to the Internet (upstream) and from the Internet (downstream) are not always the same.


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